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These knockout beauties can also deliver the knockout punch. See the the list of the most most beautiful female boxers, martial artists, and kickboxers in the fight game today!

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The Roundhouse Kick

What it is and how it's done

The Roundhouse Kick. No, it is not as fancy as it may sound but it’s one hell of an offensive weapon in fighting. Let’s get everything straight, talk all about the roundhouse kick and how it’s done.

Roundhouse Kick

Kimbo Street Fight

In Different Perspectives

Are you one of those people who scour the web looking for fights? No, I don’t mean someone who picks fights in forums or comment spaces, not that kind of keyboard warrior but the type who searches YouTube for a Kimbo Street Fight, MMA matches, or compilations of knockouts and fight highlights.

Kimbo Sreet Fight

The Knockout Punch

How to make it happen

The knockout punch requires three elements – Power, Accuracy, and Surprise. But before we get into the details on what makes a knockout punch, we must first understand the anatomy of the knockout.

Knockout Punch

All About Shadowboxing

Why is it essential?

Almost all kinds of sports require mastery of particular physical movements. The more adept you are in executing these movements the better your chances of success. Fighting sports is no different. In fact, it is crucial because a fighter incorporates the whole body to perform even just a simple punch or kick. And there are plenty of punches and kicks to be mastered. Shadowboxing helps develop neuromuscular familiarity in executing these actions.


Money Pacquiao!!!

Posted by gajotap

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao cracked the Forbes top ten list of highest earning athletes. He replaced Floyd Mayweather as the highest earning boxer of today. Floyd was dropped from the Forbes list since he has not fought since December 2007.
Manny is the highest-ranking among the four newcomers on the list.

He tied with Lebron James and golfer Phil Mickelson in sixth place. The speedy southpaw is the only boxer in the top ten, who earned $40 million over the last year. Pacquiao cemented his claim as the world's best pound-for-pound fighter with convincing knockouts of Oscar De La Hoya in December and Ricky Hatton in May. The two blockbuster fights garnered more than 2 million pay-per-view buys in the U.S. and earned Pac-Man $30 million combined.

Pacquiao's massive popularity in his native Philippines is why companies like Nike and San Miguel beer have signed him to endorse their products. Pacquiao intends to use that popularity to run for political office when his ring career is over.

The Forbes Top 10 List of Highest Earning Athletes:
1. Tiger Woods
2. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kimi Raikkonen
5. David Beckham
6. Manny Pacquiao, Lebron James, Phil Mickelson
9. Valentino Rossi
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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  1. pinoypride Said,'> June 19, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    yaman niya na talaga! penge naman idol!


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