Fighting Hotties (Part 1)

Hot Women Can Also Fight

Sure, in the world of gladiatorial sports and martial arts, strength and physical ability is a requirement. This is the main reason why men dominate the industry and women take the back seat just marveling the spectacle.

But the ever changing norms of society have developed women to join the ranks of men in professional fighting. It is not a career lucrative for men only. Women, nowadays, can have fortune and fame out of fighting. Fans wants to see more of them and suddenly, the awkwardness of seeing two women beating the hell out of each other has vanished.

Female prize fighting is now mainstream. And a lot of women are drawn to fighting glory; women who were once simply preoccupied by making themselves pretty are trading haymakers and roundhouse kicks. Don’t be mistaken, women still do what they do… still dolling-up, looking pretty but in this day and age, they can also kick ass.

Here are some of the most beautiful women in the fight game:

Michelle Waterson
MMA Fighter

AKA: Karate Hottie
Nationality: Asian-American
Fight Record: 5-3
Discipline: Karate

Juggling bikini modeling and MMA training at Jackson’s camp.

Gina Carano
MMA Fighter

AKA: Conviction, Crush
Nationality: American
Fight Record: 7-0
Discipline: Muay Thai

She is the most popular female MMA fighter today and was one of the main attractions of the now defunct EliteXC. Arguably the best female fighter along with “Cyborg”. Trains at Xtreme Couture.

Keri Taylor
Kickboxer/Sanshou Fighter
AKA: Keribear
Nationality: Asian-American
Fight Record: 5-2
Discipline: Muay Thai

Keri is regarded as a technical and explosive fighter. She is a team member of the Oklahoma Destroyers who compete on Chuck Norris's World Combat League.

Holly Holm

AKA: The Magician, The Preacher’s Daughter
Nationality: American
Fight Record: 24-1-3
Discipline: Western Boxing (Southpaw)

She was named Fighter of the Year in 2005 and 2006, and in 2007 she was the first female fighter to win six different Major World titles at Welterweight. Regarded by some as the #1 pound for pound along with boxing royalty, Laila Ali.

Sarah Ponce

AKA: Queen of the Four-Rounders
Nationality: American
Fight Record: 12-1
Discipline: Sanshou, Kickboxing

Sarah Ponce is a fashion model and kickboxer. She was a member of the USA Sanshou team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2003, she was named model of the year by the UjENA Modeling Agency.

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  1. I love them all. i would put Gina above Michelle though if this is in order.


  2. Yes i can see that the women are just as good as the men when it comes to the moves.


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