"MMA" Styles make Fights

These are the generic styles in MMA. Since it is called “Mixed” Martial Arts, fighters combine these different elements to achieve a better game. But it is apparent that fighters are more inclined to certain style that somehow defines their fighting approach.

Fighting Styles in MMA:

Brawler/Fist Bomber – willing to trade punches; likes to throw haymakers; likes to set up overhands, hooks, and power uppercuts; has the Knockout Mentality; can absorb a great amount of punishment and also a good sprawler

Boxer/Sprawler – very good technical boxing skills, hits hard but avoids trading, good footwork and head/torso movement, good defensive sprawl against takedowns

Traditional MuayThai – Likes to chase and pressure; always square to the opponent and throws powerful Leg Kicks and Knees in the clinch; tough as nails

Finesse Kickboxer - Uses kickboxing tools to control distance; picks shots but does not give full commitment to his attacks; has good footwork; avoids trading blows; avoids the ground as much as possible

Dirty Boxer – prefers hitting on the clinch; good at stand-up grappling while giving effective short punches and elbows; good at defending and making takedowns; has great endurance

Counter Specialist – likes to be chased and wants the opponent to initiate the attack and capitalize on the mistakes and openings; has sharp reflexes; great foot work and movement

Takedown Artist – has the complete tools to pull off the takedown; very technical wrestler with great hips and sensitivity

Ground and Pound specialist – deals the most damage on the ground with good top control and solid blows via elbows, hammer fists, etc….

Submission Artist – Jiujitsu masters; prefers the ground game; may pull guard if the opponent is hard to takedown; does not give full commitment to ground and pound but may throw blows to set up a submission move

Ground and Pound/Submission Hybrid – will give severe ground beating while always on the look out for a submission opportunity; has good takedowns

Wrestler/Smotherer – great at takedowns but when on the ground the main priority is to attain and maintain control; prefers to smother, frustrate, and tire opponents; throws some tentative attacks on the ground but never really commits unless certain of positional advantage; good cardio

More or less, fighters have an amount of expertise in each of these styles. But ultimately, they have a distinct method in which they often use. The style they believe they can count on.

These are some of the fighters with their ingredient of techniques:

Anderson Silva - Counter Specialist, Finesse Kickboxer, Ground and Pound/Submission Hybrid

Fedor Emelianenko - Brawler/Fist Bomber, Takedown Artist, Ground and Pound/Submission Hybrid

Georges St. Pierre - Takedown Artist, Ground and Pound/Submission Hybrid , Finesse Kickboxer

Lyoto Machida - Counter Specialist, Finesse Kickboxer

Rampage Jackson - Counter Specialist, Brawler/Fist Bomber, Ground and Pound specialist

Demien Maia - Submission Artist, Takedown Artist

Clay Guida - Wrestler/Smotherer, Dirty Boxer

Randy Couture - Dirty Boxer, Takedown Artist, Ground and Pound specialist, Wrestler/Smotherer


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