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Fighting Hotties (Part 2)

Kyra Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu fighter

Nationality: Brazilian
Titles: 2X World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion, 5X Pan American BJJ Champion 5X Brazilian BJJ Champion, 5X New York State BJJ Champion, 2X ADCC Submission Grappling Champion Asiatic BJJ Champion
Discipline: Gracie Jiu-jitsu

She is one of the few Gracie women to achieve a black belt in BJJ, and is the first Gracie female to actively compete in the sport.

Laila Ali

AKA: Lay Lay
Nationality: African-American
Fight Record: 24-0
Discipline: Western Boxing

She is the daughter of boxing icon Muhammad Ali. Like her father, she excels in the sport and considered by many as pound for pound best female boxer.

Felice Herrig

AKA: Lil’ Bulldog
Nationality: American
Fight Record: 20-3-1
Discipline: Muay Thai

She had several titles in IKA and WAKO. She is currently on the St. Louis Enforcers team in the World Combat League. She also appeared on Fight Girls in 2007 on the Oxygen Channel and won her fight in Thailand agai…

Fighting Hotties (Part 1)

Hot Women Can Also Fight

Sure, in the world of gladiatorial sports and martial arts, strength and physical ability is a requirement. This is the main reason why men dominate the industry and women take the back seat just marveling the spectacle.

But the ever changing norms of society have developed women to join the ranks of men in professional fighting. It is not a career lucrative for men only. Women, nowadays, can have fortune and fame out of fighting. Fans wants to see more of them and suddenly, the awkwardness of seeing two women beating the hell out of each other has vanished.

Female prize fighting is now mainstream. And a lot of women are drawn to fighting glory; women who were once simply preoccupied by making themselves pretty are trading haymakers and roundhouse kicks. Don’t be mistaken, women still do what they do… still dolling-up, looking pretty but in this day and age, they can also kick ass.

Here are some of the most beautiful women in the fight game:

"MMA" Styles make Fights

These are the generic styles in MMA. Since it is called “Mixed” Martial Arts, fighters combine these different elements to achieve a better game. But it is apparent that fighters are more inclined to certain style that somehow defines their fighting approach.

Fighting Styles in MMA:

Brawler/Fist Bomber – willing to trade punches; likes to throw haymakers; likes to set up overhands, hooks, and power uppercuts; has the Knockout Mentality; can absorb a great amount of punishment and also a good sprawler

Boxer/Sprawler – very good technical boxing skills, hits hard but avoids trading, good footwork and head/torso movement, good defensive sprawl against takedowns

Traditional MuayThai – Likes to chase and pressure; always square to the opponent and throws powerful Leg Kicks and Knees in the clinch; tough as nails

Finesse Kickboxer - Uses kickboxing tools to control distance; picks shots but does not give full commitment to his attacks; has good footwork; avoids trading blows; avoids the ground a…


Boxing coaches will often overemphasize the importance of the jab to their fighters.

“You cannot fight if you can’t throw the jab right.”

Old school trainers live by that code.

The Jab is the fastest offensive tool. It travels a short distance and it is highly intuitive; therefore, very effective if used correctly.

In boxing, successful fighters respect and know the value of the jab. They utilize it in ways that will add to their advantage. Most of the time, the effectiveness of the jab is the deciding factor of the match; the difference between winning and losing. Sometimes, jabs do not need to be powerful, do not even have to land…. But it all depends on its purpose.

GSP faces a tough challenge in hard-hitting Thiago Alves (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3: The Match-up

GeorgesSt. Pierre has never fought someone like Thiago Alves. This also goes for Alves, who has never faced of someone St.Pierre’s caliber. Knowing their skill sets, it is easy to say that GSP must bring it to the ground and Pitbull must stay off the mat and make it a kickboxing match…. but in MMA, it is not always that straightforward.
Ever since, the champion has been fighting with a reasonably general strategy customized with few critical tweaks and fine-tuning based on his opponents’ strength and weakness. Mixing things up, strike using his quickness and technical brilliance then, with it, set up a takedown. After that, severe ground and pound while keeping an eye for submission opportunities. If it goes standing again, repeat step one. It’s rather simple and only GSP can to pull it off to perfection. But this time, against the man they call the Pitbull, he has some crucial obstacles to contend with
It is very rare and perhaps, the first time that GSP will face…

GSP faces a tough challenge in hard-hitting Thiago Alves (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2: The Challenger

As the number one contender, Thiago “The Pitbull” Alves will have a crack at Georges St. Pierre’s welterweight title in the upcoming UFC100.

Thiago Alves is a hard-hitting Muay Thai juggernaut. With his 16-3 record (7-2 in the UFC) 10 wins via KO, his fights were always sensational. His striking is by far one of the most feared among the welterweights. Evidently, the Pitbull can dish out pain. He has power in both hands, awesome knees and powerful leg kicks. In MMA, the counterpart of the boxing's body shot is the chopping leg kick. And Alves has the best leg kick in the business. It is not telegraphed and it always hits the target. Alves unleashes kicks with the intention to break femurs. He executes it differently but more efficiently. It seems to come from the top. Alves cocks his legs way above the target as it reaches its apex, he puts his whole torso on it and bombs his shins through the opponents’ thighs. Josh Koscheck had a pretty tight defense again…

GSP faces a tough challenge in hard-hitting Thiago Alves (Part 1 of 3)

Part 1: The Champion
Georges St. Pierre, the UFC welterweight champion, will battle the Brazilian MuayThai specialist Thiago “Pitbull” Alves as a co-main event in the upcoming UFC 100.
St. Pierre, regarded by many as the top pound for pound MMA fighter, has dominated all the fighters he had fought. His only two losses, one of each from the feuding Serra and Hughes, were soundly avenged. GSP made it clear that these losses were just flukes. Matt Serra got tenderized by the French-Canadian’s ground and pound while Matt Hughes got dominated in the octagon in both of the rematches. St. Pierre’s only unconvincing win was from the hands of BJ Penn. And sure enough, three years later, GSP showed the world that “The Prodigy” is no match for him --- greased or not greased.

St. Pierre is a complete mixed martial artist. He excels in all aspects of cage fighting. His Kyukushin Karate background gave him a solid base for his stand-up. He works with premier boxing and muay thai coaches to further i…

Money Pacquiao!!!

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao cracked the Forbes top ten list of highest earning athletes. He replaced Floyd Mayweather as the highest earning boxer of today. Floyd was dropped from the Forbes list since he has not fought since December 2007.
Manny is the highest-ranking among the four newcomers on the list.

Cotto: a subpar performance against Clottey

As one of the rising superstars of boxing, Miguel Cotto is a fighter boxing aficionados always put under the microscope. He has a great loyal following, especially among his fellow Puerto Ricans. He is considered by them as their next Felix Trinidad.