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How to Execute the Superman Punch (VIDEO)

The Superman Punch is arguably the most popular single move in fighting sports today. The technique is flashy but highly effective when executed well. Hitting someone with a form-perfect Superman in a fight or sparring match instantly boosts one’s confidence. It is one of those techniques that positively shifts or increases a fighters’ momentum---no wonder, it’s so popular.

25 Fearsome Fighters of The Last 25 Years

The appeal of fighting sports is its capacity to feed our primal need for destruction. Fighters approach fights differently: there are fighters that prefer to bulldoze the competition with brute power and strength, and in contrast, other fighters are methodical assassins. Whatever the approach, spectators love to see someone “hurt” or get knocked out. It is in our drive, it is what Freud refers to as man’s “Death Instinct”.

But this article is not about the Freudian theory. This is about individuals who had made reputations of themselves as fearsome fighters. These 25 fighters of last 25 years are not inside the ring or cage to win on points. They are not in there to sting you with punches or kicks, instead, they are there with the full intention to hurt you or knock you out cold. Win or lose, going against them always guarantees pain.