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These knockout beauties can also deliver the knockout punch. See the the list of the most most beautiful female boxers, martial artists, and kickboxers in the fight game today!

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The Roundhouse Kick

What it is and how it's done

The Roundhouse Kick. No, it is not as fancy as it may sound but it’s one hell of an offensive weapon in fighting. Let’s get everything straight, talk all about the roundhouse kick and how it’s done.

Roundhouse Kick

Kimbo Street Fight

In Different Perspectives

Are you one of those people who scour the web looking for fights? No, I don’t mean someone who picks fights in forums or comment spaces, not that kind of keyboard warrior but the type who searches YouTube for a Kimbo Street Fight, MMA matches, or compilations of knockouts and fight highlights.

Kimbo Sreet Fight

The Knockout Punch

How to make it happen

The knockout punch requires three elements – Power, Accuracy, and Surprise. But before we get into the details on what makes a knockout punch, we must first understand the anatomy of the knockout.

Knockout Punch

All About Shadowboxing

Why is it essential?

Almost all kinds of sports require mastery of particular physical movements. The more adept you are in executing these movements the better your chances of success. Fighting sports is no different. In fact, it is crucial because a fighter incorporates the whole body to perform even just a simple punch or kick. And there are plenty of punches and kicks to be mastered. Shadowboxing helps develop neuromuscular familiarity in executing these actions.


Brock Lesnar was dethroned as “The Baddest Man Alive” after Cain Velasquez decimated him in UFC 121. It only took Velasquez one round to make it happen as he left Lesnar beaten to a bloody pulp after referee Herb Dean motioned to stop the fight.

Velasquez winning the fight did not really surprise me. His well-rounded skills and innate speed is certainly difficult to overcome even for someone like Lesnar. Rather, it was Lesnar’s performance in that fight that made me realize something about the monster.

Ever since Lesnar’s prominence in the UFC, I see him as an enigmatic fighter. I definitely revere his awesome size, strength, and athletic ability as they were instantly recognizable but I had lingering doubts about his composure, heart, adaptability, defense, and overall skills as a true MMA competitor.

The problem with Lesnar is the hype that surrounds him. It was really difficult to profile him and rank his aptitude in different aspects of the fight game because of the exaggerations. Many had claimed that he was improving by leaps and bounds and that he’s frighteningly getting better in every fight.

I almost believed that he’s unbeatable after submitting Shane Carwin with an arm triangle choke. But I respected my doubts. He still hadn’t fought Velasquez or Dos Santos. There’s still more to prove.

UFC 121 answered many of my questions and definitely debunked plenty of Brock Lesnar myths. Here are some of the things I’ve realized so far:

UFC, as part of its yearly tradition, aims to start its first event of the year with a stacked fight card. 2011 will be no different as UFC announces "UFC 125: Resolution, Edgar vs. Maynard". The event is set to take place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year's Day.

The main event will be a lightweight title fight between the current champion, Frankie "The Answer" Edgar, and the number one contender, Gray "The Bully" Maynard. This fight is also a rematch between the two lightweights as the undefeated Maynard will look to repeat his win over "The Answer". Edgar, on the other hand, will try to avenge his only loss to retain his UFC lightweight belt.

The #1 pound-for-pound fighter, Manny Pacquiao will face Tijuana’s Tornado, Antonio Margarito, for the vacant WBC light middleweight title on November 13. Despite all of the controversies surrounding the two fighters, particularly Margarito, this match will surely provide an action-packed encounter since both fighters are known for their aggression.

Both are primarily brawlers. Pacquiao may have shown that he has evolved from a head-on slugger into a boxer-puncher but his instinct for offense is still intact. Margarito, on the other hand, is expected to do what he does best and that is to attack with relentless pressure. However, the Mexican should also be smart and take advantage of his size and reach.

Jon Jones’ rise in the UFC is well known. He ends fights impressively. With his combination of powerful wrestling and unorthodox striking, he is exciting to watch. After his destruction of solid fighters like Brandon Vera and Vladimir Matyushenko, he feels that he is ready for the big time. He expressed that he wanted better fighters, particularly fighters that belong in the top five of the light-heavyweight pool. Regardless of his desires, Jones already expected that his next opponent was the winner of the Ryan Bader-Antônio Rogério Nogueira match.

The Bad: Chael Sonnen’s abrupt rise and fall

Chael Sonnen, the underdog in UFC 117, gave Anderson Silva a beatdown he has never encountered before. Sonnen frustrated Silva with his wrestling for four and a half rounds but got caught by the champion’s miracle triangle choke in the last round.

Despite Sonnen’s loss, some UFC fans were quite contented to realize that Silva, the man who dominated the middleweight division for three years, is beatable. Sonnen, as a fighter, instantly became a hot item. Fans could already imagine him wearing the middleweight belt.

Immediately after the fight, talks of rematch resounded. It was even verbally confirmed by UFC president Dana White that a second fight between the two cage fighters would be arranged sooner than many had expected.

MMA fans were pumped for the rematch, but it all crumbled down when Chael Sonnen tested positive for natural steroid use. The repercussions of that result were very bad for the organization’s money-making potential and reputation. The rematch would have been a tremendous seller.

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