Pacquiao vs Margarito Breakdown

The #1 pound-for-pound fighter, Manny Pacquiao will face Tijuana’s Tornado, Antonio Margarito, for the vacant WBC light middleweight title on November 13. Despite all of the controversies surrounding the two fighters, particularly Margarito, this match will surely provide an action-packed encounter since both fighters are known for their aggression.

Both are primarily brawlers. Pacquiao may have shown that he has evolved from a head-on slugger into a boxer-puncher but his instinct for offense is still intact. Margarito, on the other hand, is expected to do what he does best and that is to attack with relentless pressure. However, the Mexican should also be smart and take advantage of his size and reach.


This one is a no-brainer. Margarito is almost five inches taller than Pacman and the Mexican will enjoy a whopping 6-inch reach advantage. Moreover, Margarito is physically bigger than Pacquiao in almost all aspects—from bicep size to calf size.
Huge Advantage goes to Margarito


Pacquiao is well-known for his fast in-and-out attacks and blazing combinations. His foot speed is second to none and it will be hard to catch him flush if decides to run and box. It is only fortunate for us fans that he doesn’t do it often as he prefers to use his speed primarily to create angles for both offense and defense.
Huge Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Pacman is a physical specimen but the bigger man is expected to be the more physically imposing and stronger. Margarito has been fighting comfortably at welterweight for more than ten years and he is also known as one of the strongest brawlers of the division. Pacquiao started at 106 lb. He may reach his limit against Margarito.
Advantage goes to Margarito

Stamina and Workrate

Margarito is capable of throwing hard punches all night. He punches in volume and you can expect activity from him up until the final bell. Margarito’s work rate may trump Pacquiao a bit in terms of number of punches thrown but the Filipino’s pace is frenetic and overwhelming. He can also maintain that kind of activity for more than 12 rounds.
Slight Advantage goes to Pacquiao


The Mexican is popular because of his granite chin. However, he has a tendency to rely on it too much which proved costly against the more accurate Mosley. It will be hard to knock him out with one punch but he can be put down with an accumulation of good hits. He had survived solid punches against huge welterweights and light-middleweights. Pacquiao has also proven that his chin can take huge blows but the Mexican has a superior “chin resume”.
Advantage goes to Margarito


Pacquiao is the better boxer, counterpuncher, and tactician. People often overlook his ring smarts because of his very energetic style of fighting but he is very capable of dictating where the fight should go.
Huge Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Pacquiao was known for his left knockout punch coined as “The Manila Ice”. When he went up in weight, it’s his speed and volume punching that made him formidable. Yet, he exhibited his power one more time against Hatton by knocking the Briton out cold. Margarito can also punch but not as explosive as Pacquiao.
Slight Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Pacquiao has more fights under his belt and he has gone against pound-for-pound caliber fighters more times than Margarito.
Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Under the tutelage of Freddie Roach, Pacquiao has been winning fights in dominating fashion. Margarito is coached by an excellent trainer, Robert Garcia, but Pacquiao has Roach for crying out loud.
Huge Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Fighters can adapt new strategies and fighting style but based purely on their preferred style and comfort zones, Margarito’s forward attacking approach will play perfectly into Pacquiao’s skill set.
Advantage goes to Pacquiao


Margarito is hungry and seeking redemption. Pacquiao has actually nothing left to prove and his new career as a legislator may distract him. However, the world title in a new weight division is good enough motivation for the Pacman.
Slight Advantage goes to Margarito

Who’s your bet?

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