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As many of you may have already known, Pacquiao is often surrounded with quite a number of people. His entourage is considerably large in numbers, and yes, even in boxing standards. This chosen crowd is dubbed as the Team Pacquiao but most of them are merely there for the champ’s longing for companionship and only a few of them have functional purposes.

In case you are wondering about the essential who’s who in Team Pacquiao, this list will certainly shed light on Team Pacquiao’s active (which means purposeful) members.

Freddie Roach 

The best way to start the list of Team Pacquiao members is with, no other than, the head honcho himself, Freddie Roach.

This three-time trainer of the year is also a former boxer with a 39-13 fight record. It is very difficult to think about Manny Pacquiao without associating him to Coach Freddie Roach. It can be said that one has made the other. With Freddie Roach’s strategizing genius and Pacquiao’s pugilistic giftedness and workmanship, they had become a tremendous force in this era of modern boxing.

Alex Ariza 

Ariza is Team Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning guru. Aside from the Pacman’s talent and work ethic, majority of the credit should be given to Ariza for making Pacquiao carry his speed, power, and cardio along with him to the higher weights.

The natural tendency of fighters getting up to higher weight classes is to lose speed but not getting enough power. Most boxers would typically rely on smarts and technique. However, in this case, Ariza has even made the Pacman more of a monster than he already was. The footspeed of Pacquiao has become more fluid and the handspeed has even become more overwhelming. Clottey can attest to that. And when you want to know about knockout power, just ask Hatton.

Alex Ariza had an altercation with another Team Pacquiao member and his name is…

Michael Koncz 

There is much mystery and animosity when you talk about this guy. Rumors have been flying that he was in Team Pacquiao under Bob Arum’s orders. Koncz is allegedly the eyes of the promoter in the camp. However, nobody really knows for sure aside maybe from Manny Pacquiao. Majority of Team Pacquiao’s members do not really like Koncz because, well, how can I say this… he’s an asshole.

Alex Ariza once clocked Koncz with a five-punch combo because the latter insisted on replacing Ariza to work on Pacquiao’s corner in the Cotto fight. Roach has even said that Koncz is just an “errand boy” of Manny. But one thing’s for sure, Pacquiao is keeping him for a reason. In fairness to this Team Pacquiao black sheep, he arranges the champ’s programs (e.g. press events, reservations, etc.) and often handles things for Pacquiao’s convenience.

Many would say that he’s a leech but I see him better as the Pacman’s bitch.

Restituto “Buboy” Fernandez

Buboy is that porky dude in Pacquiao’s corner giving the champ very enthusiastic instructions in Filipino language. He is Roach’s coaching translator and assistant. However, Buboy Fernandez is more than that… he is one of the Pacman’s trusted friend and confidant.

Unlike Koncz, Fernandez is genuinely there for the champ’s best interests. Disregarding Freddie Roach, if Team Pacquiao is to become a two-man team, then, it would compose of Buboy and Manny. They have gone a long, long way back. Buboy was Manny Pacquiao’s boxing partner in the old days and now, he is the number two man in the Pacman’s coaching staff. He is also the official caregiver of Pacquiao. Manny had said in a dozen of interviews that he is not what he is right now without his chubby friend.

Nonoy Neri 

Pacman’s personal chef. Nonoy Neri specializes on healthy Filipino dishes for the Team Pacquiao to feast upon. He may also handle minor trainer duties.

Alex Oreto 

This man is the official “errand boy” of Pacquiao. He washes the dishes, does laundry, and buys the toiletries. He is the all-around “alalay”.

Rob Peters 

Peters is Team Pacquiao’s head of security. He keeps the team, especially Manny, safe from harm.

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  1. I've read that Manny has over 150 entourage at Clottey's fight and there is some kind of "hierarchy" among them.

  2. Yeah, you're right and it's crazy!

  3. Koncz gets it even worse in other blogs and articles I've read.

  4. Awesome blog. I totally agree with this list of Manny's entourage.

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