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The Roundhouse Kick. No, it is not as fancy as it may sound but it’s one hell of an offensive weapon in fighting. Let’s get everything straight, talk all about the roundhouse kick and how it’s done.

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Are you one of those people who scour the web looking for fights? No, I don’t mean someone who picks fights in forums or comment spaces, not that kind of keyboard warrior but the type who searches YouTube for a Kimbo Street Fight, MMA matches, or compilations of knockouts and fight highlights.

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The knockout punch requires three elements – Power, Accuracy, and Surprise. But before we get into the details on what makes a knockout punch, we must first understand the anatomy of the knockout.

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Almost all kinds of sports require mastery of particular physical movements. The more adept you are in executing these movements the better your chances of success. Fighting sports is no different. In fact, it is crucial because a fighter incorporates the whole body to perform even just a simple punch or kick. And there are plenty of punches and kicks to be mastered. Shadowboxing helps develop neuromuscular familiarity in executing these actions.

Before any of you Quinton “Rampage” Jackson fanatics out there come bashing this post, hear me out. Let me put it out there and say that I am a true Rampage fan and I have been following him since his Pride days. I find him to be not only an amazing fighter but also one hell of a personality. His wit and humor, along with his caveman strength and KO power, have made him a fighter you cannot easily forget.

He is popular and he can bang with the best fighters MMA has to offer, there is no doubt about that. However, I am also a follower of the evolving sport and, as an analyst, I must be realistic and go against my fanaticism of Jackson and say that he can’t become a UFC champion again.

MMA, particularly UFC, has evolved so fast and so much that Rampage’s style has simply become ineffective. Well, he can still win high profile fights in a different format of MMA fighting but inside the UFC cage, his chance of getting that belt is slim.

1. Too Much KO Mentality 

Sad to say, Jackson has become a one-dimensional fighter. Even with his wrestling skills and credentials, he has turned into a fighter with only a single intent in his mind and that is to knock his opponents out. People pay to watch his fights because they want to see his bombs explode on his opponent’s faces. Each time he fights, Rampage fans are often left hoping that he lands that one punch. Unfortunately, it is not that easy anymore. Fighters with half a brain will not just stand there in front of Jackson.

2. No Surprises 

The more you see Rampage fights, the more obvious it gets. Rampage’s octagon demise is a set blueprint and it’s just a matter of execution on the fighter’s part. Elite level fighters are highly skilled and disciplined. If they can just execute and stick to the gameplan, they can and will win against Rampage.

3. Lack in Speed and Footwork 

I hate to admit it, with all his power, Rampage is just too slow. He is enormously effective in the pocket but he is incapable of getting in that pocket unless his opponents allow it. He’ll never beat speedy in-and-out fighters. With his slow footwork, speed is his main enemy. On his own, he is incapable of bridging that distance to hit his opponents with his money shots.

4. The Octagon Disadvantage 

The octagon is just too wide and too round for Jackson’s style. Opponents can easily evade and dance around the cage. Fighters are difficult to cut-off and corner as they can just laterally move away from the cage and get in better spots. Put Rampage in a smaller boxing ring and he is more likely to decapitate you but in the UFC, that is obviously not the case.

5. Inability to Win Rounds 

Rampage does not know how to win points. This is in conjunction to his KO mentality. He is just there to bang and not win rounds. This is one reason why fans love his fights. With Rampage, half of the element of a sensational fight is already there. But it is also a big hole in his game because, I repeat, a smart fighter will not push his luck and go toe-to-toe against Rampage. Jackson is just too skilled inside the pocket. Remember what happened to Chuck and Wanderlei? Against Rampage, all you need to do is outpoint him.

6. Limited Cardio and Discipline 

It is no surprise, Rampage is known for his not-so-excellent cardio and training/conditioning discipline. You can outcardio him that’s why Rampage tends to fight slow and rather passive. He paces himself too much because he knows deep inside that his gas tank is limited. He is incapable of too much activity and perhaps why he relies too much on the KO.

Analyst’s Perspective 

The way I see it, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson can still win fights but not a chance against the likes of Machida, Rua, Anderson Silva, and yes even Evans on a rematch. I also don’t see him evolving well beyond his style. He is just what he is.

In Rampage’s last fight against Rashad, it is clear that Rashad was not willing to risk and exchange with Rampage even after Rashad just stunned him with the first punch. Evans stayed true to his gameplan and effectively won using his rather boring strategy. The fight just reinforced my analysis of Jackson.

It’s a good thing that I did not bet on Rampage like I usually do.

Fan’s Perspective 

Although I won’t always bet my money on Jackson, I often find myself rooting for him to win. I don’t mind being proved wrong with a Rampage win over an elite fighter.

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4 Response to 'Six Reasons Why Rampage can’t become a UFC Champion again'

  1. Bill Said,'> August 10, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    I really like Rampage. He's a funny guy and all but unfortunately, I think you're right. I mean, at the moment, to become champion, he'd have to get through Shogun and as we witnessed back in the PRIDE days, that isn't going to happen..


  2. Anonymous Said,'> November 22, 2010 at 3:58 AM

    Well he just beat Machida so your point is rendered invalid- Misc


  3.'> November 22, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    I will be glad if I am wrong in this one. But he is not a champion yet. Therefore, my opinion still stands.

    Nevertheless, Rampage had a commendable performance against The Dragon. I've never seen him move and chase like that for a very long time!


  4. Wenna Webb Said,'> December 31, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    Such a great information and I've been looking for this..


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