Can Mosley Win Against Mayweather?

The Pacquiao-Clottey fight disappointed a lot of boxing fans. The much hyped fight hailed as “The Event” became more of a Pacman exhibition match. Joshua Clottey’s lack of guts to take risks and open up made the main event of “The Event” uneventful.

On the other side of the fence, we have Mayweather versus Mosley. Unlike Clottey, Mosley will certainly come to fight. In fact, Sugar Shane will almost certainly come as the aggressor and will not shy away with his punches. This time around, it will be Mayweather doing all the blocking and defending.

However, Mayweather is no Clottey. Floyd will always look for the counter and holes. He will sting you with his jab and time you with his right. Ever since, he has been the master of pot shots and always seem to figure out the rhythm of his opponent’s war dance.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a defensive wizard. He will not only block and catch punches. He will avoid, slip, slide, and roll with the attacks. He will get you off-balanced and capitalize on every mistake and openings. There will be no surprise to what Mayweather will do in the ring, and Shane is ready for Floyd’s bag of tricks.

Come fight night, Shane Mosley will come as the underdog and Floyd as the heavy favorite. Money May is the younger athlete and the undefeated boxer, while Sugar Shane is the aging fighter with hit-and-miss performances based on his recent fights.

So how can anyone make a case for Sugar Shane Mosley in this upcoming welterweight match?

Firstly, Mosley is a true welterweight. He is tough as nails, punches with power and moves with considerable speed. It can be said that Shane’s skills has diminished and his gas tank is questionable but Mayweather has never fought a welterweight match against a true welterweight of Mosley’s caliber.

Shane Mosley is also as clever as a boxer can ever get, something that may have been instinctive and sharpened only by experience. He has fought tremendous competition against pound for pound caliber opponents at their peaks and optimum weight classes, something that Mayweather has not established yet.

Shane will not lose focus like Judah; he will maintain composure and controlled aggression. His technical skills are also light years ahead of Hatton and he is certainly tougher, capable of taking hard shots. He is a skillful boxer and an excellent brawler. Mosley is also among of the speed demons in boxing – handspeed, footspeed, movement, and reflexes. Mayweather has never fought someone more well-rounded than Mosley.

Floyd allegedly avoided the then welterweight standouts, Cotto and Margarito. Both of these fighters had been in the ring against Mosley and they’re never easy opponents. They actually belong to the top of welterweight food chain. Shane lost a decision against Cotto and knocked out the reputed granite-chinned Margarito. It is an indication that Mosley can still hang in there with the prominent welterweights.

This match is not a “gimme” for Mayweather. The old man in Sugar Shane Mosley can win this one.

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  1. For sure Mosley will kick the ass of that double talker Floyd Mayweather in their coming May 2 fight....booyahh!

  2. Cmon Mosley, I know you can do it! Mayweather's time has to come to an end, and you are the one to end it. Don't let us down guy!

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