KIMBO STREET FIGHT: In different perspectives

Are you one of those people who scour the web looking for fights? No, I don’t mean someone who picks fights in forums or comment spaces, not that kind of keyboard warrior but the type who searches YouTube for a Kimbo Street Fight, MMA matches, or compilations of knockouts and fight highlights.

If that’s your thing, you are what I call a fight fan. You have the thirst for primal human action and also have the acumen for fight science. Discrimination is not in your vocabulary eventhough you may favor one type of martial art or prefer a particular fighting sport. You enjoy watching and understanding fights. Whether it’s MMA, Boxing, Karate point fighting, Muay Thai, backyard brawl, or a Kimbo Street fight – your interest is genuine and profound.

There are different kinds of fight fans. Here’s a short list:

The True Warrior

True warriors are the type who lives and breathes fights. They are either actively involve in fighting sports or devoted martial artists. They have strong opinions on how a fighter should carry himself but are often naturally humble to keep a low profile. However, these types have a deep desire to test their skills and most of them think that they can win a Kimbo street fight but they are not in it for fame or recognition. Instead, they just want to affirm their capabilities as a warrior.

The Analyst

Analysts could be trained or untrained. Nevertheless, they have keen eyes and very opinionated about the “styles make fights” philosophy. When they watch fights, they view it in a very logical and analytical way. They often know who can beat who and sometimes it can be annoying as they tend to be arrogant. Like it or not, the analysts are often right.

The analyst is very knowledgeable and can be good a coach. In their eyes, a Kimbo street fight is very amateurish. They frown on the inferior skill and execution on display yet may find satisfaction because, in their minds, they exactly know the techniques that can give Kimbo a beatdown.

The Bloodthirsty Fight Fan

This type of fight fan just wants to see bone-crunching action and is always interested who will shed first blood. The bloodthirsty fight fan salivates on knockouts and almost feels the impact of that left hook on the jaw or the roundhouse kick on the temple. He is not particular with the techniques as he’d rather hope for a brawl and that someone may drop unconscious.

A Kimbo street fight is a spectacle to behold for this fight fan. He may swear in every Kimbo punch and puts every Kimbo street fight video on his YouTube favorite list. Amazingly, a bloodthirsty fight fan will also take pleasure in Kimbo losing – as long as it is a KO!

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